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Textile Design

Joelle gained First Class BA (Hons) Textile Design at Hull School of Art and Design in 2016.  Specialising in weave and sustainable practices in the textile industry.

Her Final Major Project 'Roof Tops and Chimney Pots' inspired by the local Brick and Tile industry and the archive at Baysgarth Museum.  Finding ways to challenge the paradigm of industrial fashion by producing a hand woven textile using locally sourced materials: British Wool hand dyed using plant matter.  Details of designs can be seen here 

The earlier part of her 3rd year was spent designing a Moth for Amy and competing to have her moth Sponsored.  You can find out more at and see her design here or on display at The Science Museum in London until the end of March 2017.

Her second year brief Suited and Booted is inspired by the Hull Deep Sea Trawlermen of the 1950's who were known as 3 day Millionaires.  After 3 weeks a sea they would have 3 days at home to spend their earnings, this often included ordering a new suit from the tailor.  Some images above and more here

"The deep sea trawling industry provides a rich source of imagery from the ships themselves, their blue prints and plans as well as Morse code and bouyage.  A visit to local tailor, Gillian Long at Cock of The Walk, inspired hand stitching, reminiscent of the chest stitch on the inside of jackets.  The powder blue and silver grey with black half moon pockets and cuffs of the trawlermen’s suits were the starting point for the colour palette with a highlight of yellow reminiscent of their oilskins.  The final design is in light denim blue, with navy, white and the oilskin yellow."

Joelle Harris, organises craft workshops, craft demonstrations and classes in sewing, alterations and jewellery making across the UK from her base in Burton-on-Trent on the border between Staffordshire and Derbyshire. Joelle also organises childrens' parties, corporate team building, hen parties, baby showers, enterprise workshops, craft exhibitions and wardrobe decluttering. Buy her custom made jewellery from her Etsy shop. Specialist in crochet wire jewellery, textile recycling, make do and mend. Read Joelle's blog for craft tutorials and inspiration.